Redac Gateway Hotel in Torrance - Torrance, California, CA 90501, United States
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  • double deluxe

Comfort and Functionality is our priority

  • Microwave - Fridge 3 (Faded Frame)

We at the Redac Gateway Hotel believe that a functional room is an important aspect. Our rooms cater to business travelers who search for a relaxing work space. Each room is supplied with a microwave for hot meals, and a mini-fridge for food & drink storage. Our wide desk provides prently of space for any amount of business related work. Electrical outlets are normally placed below the desk, making it difficult and encumbersome to plug in your electronic devices, so we have placed them on top of the desk for ease of use. Also, instead of the standard amount of two plugs, we provide four to manage multi-charging.

Our luxurious bathrooms are a sight for the eyes, as well as for the body. Our toilets are outfitted with a seat & water temperature controlled bidet system allowing for a full cleanse. After a long & exhausting day, you may relax in our new deeper bathtubs. Also, we have installed new removeable shower heads for your convenience.

  • Toilet (Faded Frame)


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