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Redac Gateway Hotel Specials & Promotions

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Redac Gateway Physical Checkup

Complete Physical Checkup Trip

Three days and two nights Plan

  • Physical checkup is operated by Osato Medical Clinic.
  • Optional checkup are also available.

Special Offer Only for the Plan

  • Providing any soft drink per person at Café&Bar in the hotel after the checkup
  • Redac Gateway Hotel will support making an appointment for the checkup
  • Free shuttle service to the hospital and a Japanese Market
    (7am to 8:30pm, 1 round trip per day, per person only)
  • Medical examination by Japanese F.N.P. 
  • There are language options for the certificate in English/Japanese

Why “Complete Physical Checkup” while living overseas?

One of the most variable assets in life is health whether for business or pleasure. However, it is extremely difficult for foreigners to keep a healthy lifestyle in oversea with the different culture such as automobile society which causes lack of exercise or greasy and high calories food. Having a complete physical checkup regularly is highly recommended especially for those people, because it enables not only early detection and treatment for serious illnesses, but also analyzing one’s body condition which allows detecting specific needs for nutrition and exercises to prevent a severe health condition being away from home.

To apply for the package plan, download the application form from the link below and send it to info@redachotel.com
after filling it out. 

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Bed and Breakfast Package

Whether you're planning a special occasion or simply need to unwind after a hectic workweek, make the most of your stay and book a Bed & Breakfast package at our hotel. Our Bed & Breakfast package for two are the perfect way for you to relax and recharge. Book your weekend escape today.

The Package includes

  • An over night stay for two guests
  • Buffet Breakfast for two guests

Room Types

  • Standard Double
  • Standard Single Queen
  • Standard Single King

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Bed and Breakfast Package